Thyrocare Head Office

Location: Turbhe MIDC, Navi Mumbai
Area : 16,000 Sq.Ft.

The design of the head office building for Thyro-care is based on modern office planning concepts.

Client’s Brief was very simple and clear. They wanted someone who could take one point responsibility and could design and build the same.

Thyrocare Technologies Limited is India first fully automated diagnostic laboratory. It is fastest growing Company with a focus on providing quality reports to laboratories and hospitals in India and other countries.

Being the Management Floor it had to be well equipped with latest amenities and facalities.The requirments included a fully functional Board Room, Chairmans’ area along with a multi-functional reception and platfrom for many offical gatherings.

in the chairman’s area warm colour pallet with wooden flooring was used to create richness while the gathering space was adorned with whites and bright yellow to bring in freshness and light.

Amidst the chaos of being at office on time and for long hours, it helps if the workplace stays clear of any elements that invoke stress. An employee must feel at ease within the office. Long working hours means they need comfortable, minimal, non-cluttered, well equipped surrounding. While designing the 16000 sq. ft. of Management Floor, we ensured functionality accompanied by aesthetic eminence.