• Boulevard Café

Boulevard Café

Area : 3,400 Sq. Ft.
Location: Pune

Boulevard,The Orchid Pune is the IInd edition in 5star luxury segment Orchid vertical of Kamat hotel (I) Ltd. (KHIL), After Orchid ecotel in Mumbai which is Asia Ist certified Ecotel Hotel , The Kamat philosophy of a “Friendly & Eco Friendly” is carried to its ultimate expression in all its department.

The Client Brief was that NRI’s are his main customer base. Caterig to such a clientel the concept was based on the indian culture. Boulevard,
A part of the restaurant was open to Atrium. Hence the planning revolved around it. Volume and scale of the whole space had to be defined.

In the restaurant Shamianas were introduced as a design feature to scale up the 70’-0” height of the atrium. It acted as a barrier to break the intense natural light penetrating through the glazing. Large groups could be seated under these shaminas.

Mughal Arches accentuate the concept acting as a feature wall on an otherwise blank wall. Mdf panels for grills, column cladding, table tops’ add to the detailing of the explicit Indian culture. Suspended light lamps add flavour to the ambience. Cement mosaic tiles were used with a combination of wooden floor and marble which created an interesting pattern.