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Innovative, Creative, Passionate, Multi-Disciplinary Team

We are a young award-winning design consultancy that has earned the reputation of creating remarkably distinctive concepts. Established in 2007, Pentaspace focused on creating design masterpieces and has more than 20 million sq. ft. of built space under its belt with more at varying stages of design and construction in the Indian Real Estate market.

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Latest Projects

Pentaspace Foundation

Innovative & Intelligent Spaces

Meaningful research in exemplary architecture do not only provide functional space, but also acts as a lens through which we view, appreciate, understand, feel and enhance the natural and man-made world.

We are currently researching on design, materials and construction technologies for building quality, cost effective and sustainable homes with best-in-class integrated research services, products and solutions to meet the changing needs of the masses/communities/society at large.

With urbanization and its adverse effects on the environment a study is being carried out to reduce the Carbon Footprint in the overall project development cycle.

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