• Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

Location: Chakala, Andheri, Mumbai
Area: 2800 Sq.Ft.

The entire office was perceived in alignment with the business of the client. Features such as suspended frames depicting hot metal furnaces act as a visual divider between the V.P areas and the workstation.

A unique display wall to display the souvenirs from the various countries the company exports to has been created in the Lounge area.

The conference room and the table have been designed in alignment with the company’s products of metal and furnaces.

A unique open office concept with cabin facing inwards as well as outwards acting as a divider between the private and public space of the office. One wall of the cabins are made of glass and the other is a huge picture windows.

The layout of the office is designed keeping in mind the natural light available in the office with the workstation areas getting maximum light.

Project Aesthetics
The entire aesthetics of the project is done keeping in mind the business of the company that is Cap sealing, induction machines and welding.

The colour pallet, the fabrics, the light fittings have all been themed around the business. Hence the project has been custom designed and personalized for the user.

Environment Sustainability:
A lot of old furniture has been reused/refurbished to save material as well as cost without compromising the quality as well as aesthetic.