• Navbharat Ventures Ltd

Navbharat Ventures Ltd

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
Area: 20,000 Sq. Ft.

“Minimizing the impact on environment shall be a guiding principle in all our
business endeavors.” The Moto of Nava Bharat laid the principal design
concept for this project.

Located on a beautiful hilltop in Hyderabad, this companys’ head-office had to
incorporate what the company stands for in their diversified field of

Use of natural and local material, glass and light shades were thought off.
Three basic colour pallet; granite grey, white and oak wood furniture were
used to enhance the earthy appeal.

A large granite boulder existed in the center of the head office. The client had
left it on us to decided whether we wanted to keep it or chisel it. To be true to
nature we decided to keep it as it was and create it as a main break-out space
in the office.

Glass facade was used to bring in natural light in the office spaces during the
daytime. Keeping the space uncluttered by using minimum furniture we used
simplicity as the best form of sophistication for this project.