• Gift City
  • Gift City
Master planning

Gift City

Location: Ahemdabad, Gujrat
Area: 40 Acres

An emergent India represents a bright beacon on the shores of financial growth.

GIFT, an integrated city is under-construction between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in Gujarat providing next-in-class infrastructure, connectivity, technology, legal framework and is emerging as a platform for businesses across the world. The project involves development of a new city with innovative expansion and modern infrastructure.

Ahmedabad is a UNESCO heritage city and is termed as the architectural capital of India. It has set the goals for the world for its culture, social, flavors, tradition, festival, history and innovation. Being a residential development in this integreated city, we derived its concept from the traditional and historic importance of its location. Step-Well, central courtyards, jalli/relief work have been incorporated to create a cognisance of traditional/historical with modern architecture.

The buildings are oriented along the sun path and are chamfered from the corners to allow light penetration and cross ventilation in the courtyard creating a pleasant micro environment. The funnel concept is used to design the courtyard between two buildings to maintain ambient temperature throughout the year. The service-core are introduced on the East-West Axis to avoid heat gain.

Gujrat thrives on community living. Community spaces such as retail, restaurants, club house are designed in the form of step-well to keep the ambient spaces cool in the arid heat of Ahemdabad. Sky gardens have been introduced at refuge floor levels, which help providing community and green spaces for maximum social gathering and thus creating a sense of neighborhood.