• Juba
Master planning


Location: Juba, South Sudan
Area: 4000 Hectares

South Sudan recently gained its independence after many years of struggle. Sudan was divided into two parts; North Sudan (A Muslim state) and South Sudan (A Christian state). The concept of the Capital city was derived from its Flag. As the flag of the Nation is very close to the heart of the people of a county, which has recently gained independence.

The flag of South Sudan comprised of black, red, green, blue, white and a star representing South Sudanese people, blood shed, agricultural land, river Nile, peace and the star of Bethlehem respectively. The difference between the flag of North and South Sudan is the Star of Bethlehem. Thus the design of the city was derived from this “Star” which represents the unity of the states.

The wedges of the Star were planned as independent sustainable neighborhoods with three typology of housing as per the requirement of the clients. The amenities like the administration, health care, educational and recreational zones were planned around the city center around a central park.

A monumental structure reflecting the flag in three dimensions was proposed at the city center, which was visible from any part of the city echoing the voice of their fight for Independence.