Location: Andheri, Western Express Highway
Area: 1,50,000 Sq. Ft.

Location plays a vital role in the building design. Being located on a very strategic junction of the Western Express Highway entering the business district of Andheri, Carif is conceived to be a landmark design.

Carif’s modern design is the epitome of brilliance with dedicated floors for commercial and retail activities. A multi-cuisine restaurant is proposed in the atrium of this 14 floors structure.

Located opposite the WEH metro station, the front facade was getting blocked thus compromising the frontage of the building. To overcome this, we turned the entire face diagonally, creating a diamond shape and opening it onto the Western Express Highway, with a captivating view of the city-scape.

The building is designed to achieve two primary goals; aesthetics and functionality.

Being a composite structure , a 12 meters cantilever is created to achieve the shape of the facade. The facade is juxtaposed to create a pyramidal atrium by a diamond shaped floor plate.

To divert the attention of the passerby into the building, the retail space on the ground & the first floor have a transparent facade. Contrasting to this, the parking space on the second floor is enveloped with a digital facade, which can be viewed from the adjoining flyover and act as a medium for advertising for the retail brands on the lower floors.

The building planes are positioned in north-east direction at 45 degrees to highway to get maximum light into the office spaces. The services and the circulation cores in the building make up the tapering south facade. The North, East and West surfaces are glazed and designed as self-shading facades.

Due to the form and location, this dynamic structure is termed by us as the diamond of the business district.