• Sonjana Chambers

Sonjana Chambers

Location: Chembur, Mumbai
Area: 50,000 Sq. Ft

The clients’ brief was to design a cost effective energy efficient 14 storey commercial tower in the busy neighborhood of Chembur.

To make the building energy efficient the orientation of the building was planned in north –south axis while the east – west axis was kept as a shorter face. This not only reduced the heat gain due to the sun path but also maximized the natural sun light from the east.

The fins on the west facade and full glazing on east facade play an important role in the way the building responded to the climate. Geometric mosaic pattern of different coloured nigh performance glass along with aluminum louvers create an interesting facade and ensures a modern and corporate look along with an remarkable shadow pattern in the interior spaces. Shading is maximized on the east and west façade through the use of recessed windows. This elevational feature resulted in making it a landmark public building.