Area : 750 sq.ft.
Location: Mumbai

An adobe in a plush neighbourhood of Mumbai. In creating a luxurious decor, it was important that the style reflects the tastes and lifestyle of the occupants. The young at heart family of four wanted a splash of colours with a minimalistic and contemporary design.

To create a contemporary and a vibrant feel the entrance door and the console in the lobby are designed in shades of blue with liner patterns.

To maximise the natural light and space in the rooms the wall colour palette is kept light and airy. Neutrals in warm white and mushroom colour add depth softening expansive wall spaces.

Colour is added in furniture and clashing colours in cushions, throws, lampshade and rug. A focal point in our living space is created by a beautiful rug and a bright red colour console lighting up the entire living room. A bold yet sleek wooden with laminated glass top dining tables adorns the dining space with soft and comfortable chairs.

A splash of green colour is added on the wall and study in the neutral bedroom to create warmth and relaxed atmosphere.