Area : 700 sq.ft.
Location: Mumbai

The challenge was to create a lively home for 4 housing three generations. Designing this space turn out to be quite fun. Since every nook and corner is so manifestly visible to the eye, every small detail counts.

As the main door opens straight into the living/dining space a wooden metal grill was introduced as a vestibule at the entrance. The smaller space makes everything so at hand and every small detail has been paid close attention to. To create a visual expanse, the wall between the living room and the kitchen was brought down and a wooden vertical battens was put to visually divide the space. The vertical texture on the living room wall has been brought down onto the sofa creating a uniformity in design.

Use of mirrors and glass enhance the space and make it look more spacious. Thus glass wardrobe and big mirrors in the rooms are used. Comfort being our utmost priority the sizes of the beds were kept as king and the wardrobe shutters were changed to sliding. Looking at the pandemic situation, a study table was created in each room. Tasteful and minimalistic design has been used to create this stunning and cozy home.