• Forest Village

Forest Village

Location: Khanvel, Silvassa.
Area: 20,000 Sq. Ft.

Forest Village is situated in Khanvel amidst the elements of nature in an
extremely picturesque location away from the hustle and bustle of city life
where you can discover the things that really matter in life.

Its isolated location offers peace and tranquility similar to that of a hill station which is the very antidote to stress.
The onset of the rainy season brings about greenery as never seen before.
Being close to nature is the very essence of what this project is all about.
Warm, secluded, comfortable, luxurious and well-equipped independent villas
in the heart of the forest were conceived to enjoy nature at ones doorstep.

With this in mind 8 premium villas were designed to accommodate 2 luxurious
rooms with a living space and sprawling gardens.
Each villa was surrounded with hedges of shrubs to create a visually barricaded around each villa for privacy.

Being one with nature is the concept of this project and this is done by
creating a open facade of bringing the nature into the living spaces.

Warli paintings done by the local tribe adorn the entrance facade which truly bring out the forest appeal to the project.