• Augustine Enclave
Affordable Housing

Augustine Enclave

Location: Gaothan, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Area : 50,000 Sq. Ft.

The brief was to create a sense of belonging amongst the residents and to maximize the scope of getting in natural light and proper ventilation inspite of it being a narrow site surrounded by other buildings.

Constructing a building in a ‘Gaothan’ locality had its own set of challenges as each structure is built in close proximity. One of the biggest challenges was the existing buildings were very close to the proposed structure. Construction had to be completed without hampering the lifestyle of the occupants.

The residential complex was designed around a courtyard. This accentuated the lifestyle the original occupants of a village settlement.

Since there was a restriction on the height of the building, the floor plate had to be big enough to ensure utilization of available FSI. This meant a building with a big mass with less height.

A double height entrance was created to ensure that the ventilation of existing occupants was not obstructed.

The facade was designed to tone down the massing and make the building lighter with vernacular impression to complement the surrounding buildings and context. Geometric patterns were used in repetition over floors to create a sense of rhythm and generate interest in the facade. Recessed windows were designed to maximize shade on the opening, bringing in light but cutting off the heat.

Augustin Enclave, has been successful in complimenting with the existing surroundings and retains the context of a ‘Gaothan’ settlement with a modern appeal.