• Nilaya
Affordable Housing


Location: Panvel, Navi Mumbai.
Area: 50,000 Sq. Ft.

Located in Old Panvel Gaothan (village area within town or city), the project
had a site constraint as the neighboring buildings were only at 5 feet distance.

The irregular narrow plot shape restricted the layout as we had to consume
the feasible built up area keeping in mind the financial budgets as they were
small pocket sized apartments.
Being affordable segment the planning, elevation and the finishes proposed
had to be economical and low maintenance.

The glass-brick ratio was worked out so as to avoid any wastage of material.
The chajjas and the sun breakers were designed in a diagonal position so that
the neighboring building apartments won’t look into each other.
This differentiation not only enhanced the privacy of the inhabitants but also added
aesthetics to the low cost budgeted project.

With the increase pace of our lives, we are loosing the interaction time with
our neighbors and are creating neighborhoods without neighbors.
With an idea to break this and to create a neighborhood within a built form amenities
like a chalk- board, wall games, art walls, library shelf were proposed on the
mid landings of the staircase well.
They were created as a space for
interaction by the members and brought out life into the dead spaces of a
building. Being a tight plot there was no space to provide any amenities on the
ground floor so by utilizing the dead space we could not only create amenity
spaces but also do these in the budget of the developer.