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  • Fusion House

Fusion House

Location: Juhu, Mumbai
Area: 2,000 Sq. Ft.

Create a home which feels homely, cozy and comfortable was the brief given
by the client.

To create an earth atmosphere, the flooring chosen were all stones of
different texture and finish. Dark colour Italian Marble adorn the floors of the
living room as the space was very big and any light colour flooring would
make the space look disproportionate in terms of height and floor area.

The bedrooms had natural river finished textured stone as the family residing
in this apartment hail from Gujarat and enjoy walking bare boot. The natural
texture of the flooring differentiates the private and the public spaces in the

To create a visual barrior at the entrance a sliding bronze jalli is used. This
jalli adds privacy to the common spaces in the apartment.

Each room and detail is thought over and discussed with the member of the
house. The concept of a door in the door is used in the kids bedroom as they
are young right now can use a small door to enter their room. This not only
differentiates their room but also adds an element of excitement amongst the
kids and their friends when they visit.

The colour pallet of each room was as per the wishes of the members
occupying the same. Thus the children’s bedroom has bright colours and the
master bedroom is in the shades of white and crème. In the formal living and
dining spaces the colour is added by using bright colouful furniture pieces.

A walk-in-wardrobe was carved out in the master’s bedroom to add an
element of richness in this luxurious four-bedroom apartment.

To create natural ventilation in the apartment the entrance door was designed
with two narrow slits which act as a window during the day.

A home is a space for an individual. Thus creating spaces as per individual
needs has made this project as truly unique project for us.