• Rainforest


Location: Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai.
Area: 10 Lakhs Sq. Ft.

The topography of the site was heavily contoured ranging from 0 to 13 meters. The site was also covered with Lush rainforest trees. Our first site visit made us define the concept of the project as ‘Rainforest’ .

The challenge was to retain maximum tress on the site along with attaining maximum view for the 11 residential towers.

The buildings were planned in a staggered form taking into account maximum view of the Powai Lake and the Aarey Colony no development zone as well as site topography so that minimum trees were replanted. An axis of least resistance was mapped on the site with respect to both the factors.

The elevation and project detailing was conceptualized around the rainforest trees making it into a themed residential project. The elevation of the 11 buildings reflects the symbol of tree trunk and its branches. We translated the foliage as a design feature and made it an integral part of the design. The architectural language reflects the natural surroundings.

The earthy colour of the facades, the landscape elements and the drop off canopies all reflect the rainforest jungle. The drop offs areas are designed as a tree canopies.

Almost 50% of the site is covered with landscape elements enticing the green aspect of the building. More than an acre of land was landscaped on mother earth with the theme of the amazon rainforest. The swimming pool is designed to use the flow of water as a water body as well as filtration process and infusing the sound of the waterfall in the micro ecosystem. Hence the project creates a holistic natural environment for its inhabitants.