• Spark Oceanic

Spark Oceanic

Location: Worli, Mumbai.
Area: 1,50,000 Sq. Ft.

The concept was to celebrate the sea-facing location hence it was based on “fluidity” and includes views of the Worli Sea Link celebrating the city and the Arabian Sea.

The facade was designed as curves symbolizing the waves. The key element of the design was to deliver maximum frontage to all the rooms and other facilities without compromising on the view. The design focuses on delivering maximum light and ventilation to the residents of all the 33 apartments that this project houses.

Since the site also included the Worli bus depot and a slum nearby, the team included these spaces in their concept and as a part of Pentaspace’s commitment of giving back to the city.

Care has been taken to ensure that there are no sharp edges in the construction and the soft curves of the building structure reflect the waves and sea. This design element has also become a conversation point for the project. The curve endings of the building have been illuminated for promotion purposes so that any passer-by can see the reflection of the sea onto the project. Owing to the high humidity due to proximity to the sea, low maintenance aluminium cladding for the facade and wooden planks for decks have been used.

One of the highlights of the project is the drop off area has been provided to the residents. The cafeteria at the drop off lobby has been carved out to add to the luxurious look of the building.

Since it was a corner plot with a sea view, the design of the building utilises both to the greatest advantage. Using the natural curve of the plot, we managed to introduce a slight to the building that adds drama to the structure. A longer elevation on the Sea face and soft curves on the edges bring in the fluid feel envisaged by the design team.